UI Design, Graphic Design

Scope of work: UI Design, Graphic Design
Agency / Project Management: CGWORKS
Published: 2022

Ajuna Network website.

Collaborating with Ajuna team, CGWorks undertook the creation of ajuna.io

Ajuna is a blockchain solution for web3 gaming. As the UI/UX designer on CGWorks I communicated with the team, iterated on designs, created graphic elements and presentations. Working together we created new pages -and polished existing pages- aiming for a better user experience.

Project goals and brand presentation were defined and organised in meetings with the Ajuna team.
Project mockups and prototype were iterated in Figma.

Ajuna.io on mobile.
Some snapshots of info elements on ajuna.io

Project: Ajuna Network – Website
Scope of Work: UI/UX Design, Graphic Design
Development: CGWorks
Client: Ajuna Network
Published: 2021