CGWorks 2022-2023

Projects TBA

Scope of work: UI/UX Design, Graphic Design, Art Direction
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During my time at CGWORKS from 2022 to 2023, I served as the sole UI/UX designer, collaborating closely with developers to bring to life a diverse range of web applications, e-commerce websites, and other complex projects that are currently under development and not yet published. Together with the development team, I played a pivotal role in organizing and implementing a comprehensive design system, ensuring consistency and efficiency across all interfaces.

Although the specific details and visuals of these projects remain confidential, I take pride in the invaluable knowledge I gained through teamwork and collaboration, as well as my contributions to creating exceptional user experiences and fostering seamless collaboration between design and development teams.

Holding the awards for a past project, our dev lead (right) along with our backend consultant and CGWorks CEO (left, center).

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