KN - Case Study

Mobile-ordering Chatbot App

Part of Google UX Design Certificate Courses
Scope of work: UX Design, UX Research, User Interviews, Usability Tests among other
Completed: 2021

KN (Κα-Ντίνα) is a Case Study for an app I designed, as part of the Google UX Design Courses. For this mobile app, I conducted both the UX research (user research, personas, problem statements, journey maps) and design of the project. The prototypes were created and revised on Figma, in two rounds of Usability Studies.

Κα-Ντίνα is a food truck in Athens, that specializes in vegetarian fast food. Κα-Ντίνα has a regular base of vegetarian and non vegetarian local customers that shop on spot. The food truck wants a delivery app to establish a new delivery system and streamline the on-spot pickup process, while rewarding its loyal customers.

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