UI/UX Design, Graphic Design, Art Direction

Scope of work: UI/UX Design, Creative Design, 2D Illustrations
Agency / 3D Art / Development / Project Management: CGWORKS
Published: 2023
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This project was developed and completed under my contract with the team of CGWORKS, in my time there as UX/UI designer.

Dipylon is a web application that offers users an immersive tour through a dynamic map interface. With real-time GPS tracking, interactive spot panoramas, and narrated audio guides, users can explore historical locations and uncover captivating stories along the way.

For users who can't visit or want to revisit the route, a Web Tour version with 3D elements was created.

"The project of the Dipylon Society entitled ''Walk to Plato’s Academy'' is an audiovisual web app (audio tour) offering an exciting philosophical, archaeological and educational walk in the modern area of Plato’s Academy. This original walk is designed for children and grownups and lasts about 2 hours, with all necessary stops.

Following an alternative route in the city of Athens, the 21st-century traveler walks along the traces of the ancient road that connected the ancient Kerameikos with the Academy. Having as a starting point the main entrance to the ancient city, the Dipylon Gate, the modern traveler ends up in the area of the ancient Gymnasium and the Philosophical School of Plato, where they are guided around the visible antiquities within the renowned grove of the Academy."
source: Dipylon Website

Every POI includes a panorama of "Now" versus an artistic illustration of how it used to be in the past ("Then"), created by Pavlos Habidis.
The app contains transcripts of the audio narration with links to corresponding images and definitions of terms.

Project: Walk to Plato’s Academy – Interactive Tour Web App
Scope of Work: UI/UX Design, Creative Design, 2D Illustrations
Client: Dipylon Society
3D Art / Development / Project Management: CGWORKS
Project Manager: Zania Iliadi
Published: 2023