UI/UX Design, Graphic Elements

Scope of work: UI/UX Design, Graphic Elements
Agency / Project Management / Interactive Products: CGWORKS
Published: 2023

This project was developed and completed from CGWORKS.

I joined the CGWorks team in the early stages of development of the project. My main contribution was the discovery and improvement of any discovered UX pain points. I re-designed the product cards and the established checkout process, streamlining the user experience.

Snapshots of the designed website

A main recognised pain point for the user was the difficulty to distinguish similar products with different specifications. As a solution,apart from the product name, a small product description was added. Info badges with icons were designed for reoccuring specifications (dimensions, materials etc.) The business need for a longer description was accomoddated with the additions of a More button, to offer a longer written element on the overview.

Below, the initial versus the new product cards, aiming for a better product overview:

Product cards redesign process
Snapshot of Figma - Checkout & Product comparison step analysis.

Project: Dromeas eshop
Scope of Work: UI/UX Design, Graphic Elements
Development: CGWorks
Client: Dromeas SA.
Published: 2023