Hackathon - ThessDW 2023

Infrastructure App for citizens of Thessaloniki

Organized by: fromScratch Studio
Scope of work: UI/UX Anything
Team: Anthimi Papaemmanouil, Dimitra Vasilakopoulou, Ioanna Lioliou
Completed & Presented: 06/2023 in 48hrs

A user flow aiming to make using compost bins, a weekly habit.

"Εco-thess" is a mobile application for locating and accessing public compost bins, aiming to limit food waste, by making the collection and recycling of organic waste a habit for the citizens of Thessaloniki.

This is a Case Study designed as part of the Thessaloniki Design Week in a 48hrs Hackathon, organized by fromScratch Studio.

For this app every team member wore multiple hats, conducting simplified and condensed parts of the UX research, design and presentation of the project. The final result showcased solutions for all the main identified user pain points, that were highlighted in the research phase. The final design was presented by the team on the final day of the Hackathon.

Identified Pain Points


Users don’t know what materials are compostable.


Users don’t know where is the nearest compost bin.

If their nearest bin is full, users need to have an alternative option.


Users don’t trust the compost waste management by Thessaloniki’s municipality.


Users don’t feel like their contribution is recognized and has impact.

Suggested Solutions


Easily accessible section with catalog and info about compostable materials.

Learning quiz about collection, sorting and compostable materials’ collection.

FAQ about the proper process.


Compost bins map with navigation & list with closest bins based on location & preferences.

Bin occupancy level icon on map.

Redirection on spot, in case of full occupancy.


Access to stats: Total food waste material composted by the municipality.

Access to stats: Transparency on last sample inspection results.

Report system for broken, missing, full or misused bins.


Reward system focused on establishing a habit.

System rewarding user’s engagement to habit.

The main pain points were defined through research and user interviews. The final design focuses on streamlining friction and pain points that surfaced through the user journey and user research.

The suggested reward system, relies on utilizing these results to design a user flow that encourages and rewards the formation of a habit.

Why a Reward System?
A Reward System focused on establishing a habit.
Sketches from the user testing phase.
The main user flow of navigating to a bin that eliminated process pain points.

It was a fun and beautiful project with resourceful team members!
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A sneak peek of our design file.

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