UI/UX Design

Scope of work: UI/UX Design
Developed by: Tasos Maschalidis
Published: TBA

This project is currently under user testing & design iterations. More to be uploaded soon :)

Sudokku is a PaaS (platform as a service) for hosting and deploying web apps utilizing git repositories.

Sudokku has been a happy and rewarding challenge so far, requiring knowledge of technical processes, the creation of a scalable IA, and a proactive approach to organising and conducting fitting user research and testing practices.

As the project had no established user flow on its way to a beta, I collaborated with the development team to conduct user research and a competitive audit, creating an effective user flow within 2 weeks. As the project continues, we are iterating on designs through user testing interviews, challenging our initial assumptions, and proactively addressing user needs that may have been overlooked.

Sudokku's project roadmap.

To test our projects viability and prospects we decided on a quick launch to user test, draw initial conclusions about features and our target audience and iterate on the platform features and design.

The Rails Hackathon, on July 29 (not affiliated) was set as a good chance to make a soft public release and enable the rails community to have free hosting on any apps created for the hackathon, for free.

With 3 weeks for the upcoming hackathon, the initial research and design phase focused on competitors' research and information architecture, following a familiar stucture of content, accompanied by a walkthrough for quick onboarding.

A screenshot of figma from the competitors' research phase
A table from the competitors' audit, conducted before the first public release.
Based on the competitors' research we set goals for the first public release.
A screenshot of the app on the first public release

After the release we organized any discovered user feedback and findings and iterated on the first design. You can see an outline of our key takeaways and goals in the following images.

Feedback we collected during the first release and testing period.
Things we implemented on the first design iteration.
This is the new proposed dashboard tab. It includes the upcoming feature "latest activities" for teams.
Goals we have set for the upcoming user interviews.
Some of Sudokku's upcoming features.

This was our process!
Below, you can see some app screens from the latest design iteration.

The project is currently under user research, testing & design iterations. More to be uploaded soon :)

Dashboard, Apps, Services: The 3 tabs consisting the user page.
App Management: Details
App Management: Services
App Management: Deployment Instructions
App Management: Activity Feed
Sudokku Landing Page

More to be uploaded soon :)