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Scope of work: UI/UX Design
Published: 2021
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Zonalight is a store located in Athens, Greece, offering custom lighting solutions for small and large projects. The stakeholder of Zonalight wanted a website that matched and highlighted the store's and products' style.

The website was designed and prototyped in Figma. Take a look at the homepage below:

Figma Prototype - Homepage

The primary focus of the new website's Homepage is to communicate the brand identity and to build a line of communication with the client base.

Therefore, visitors land on a company presentation, with a CTA for subscription to the newsletter. Easy access to map navigation, for the physical store, was also added in the footer of the website, along with social media handles.

Store Page (1) & Product Page (2)

The Store page design is simple and product-focused, with minimal trivial information.
In the Product page you can view technical details and all available variations of the product. A pdf with technical info is also available for retailers, architects or designers.

Inspiration Page

Inspiration page is a page with featured spaces and products. Inspiration aims to highlight complete lighting solutions, along with singular products in a cohesive format.

Contact Page

A highlighted goal for zonalight was to increase traffic in their physical store, and to attract new clients for custom projects.
In the Contact page the clients can easily find and use the map location for navigation, to have a meeting for their project in the physical store, call or email the store. Finally, the Contact page includes social media buttons and a newsletter subscription form.

Project: Zonalight – E-commerce Website
Scope of Work: UI/UX Design
Development: Tasos Masxalidis - Tashows
Client: Zonalight
Published: 2021